Our Staff

Meet the Team

Oliver Roethig

Regional Secretary

Oliver Roethig heads UNI Europa, the European service workers union with 7 million members, as…

Johannes Studinger

Head of UNI MEI


Cathrine Hernández Festersen

Senior Policy Advisor


Sonja Trekels

Executive Assistant to the Regional Secretary

Stan De Spiegelaere

Director of Policy and Research


Smahan Jabiri-Egan

Communications Coordinator

Sabrina De Marchi

Director - Funding and EU Projects

Daniel Fernandez

Graphical Secretary


Nicola Konstantinou

Head of UNI Graphical


Annika Flaten

Director - Commerce


Mark Bergfeld

Director – Property Services and UNICARE


Theo Morrissey

Director of Communications

Jelena Milos

Project Coordinator - Property Services & UNICARE


Morten Clausen

Director - Finance (Regulation)


Birte Dedden

Director - ICTS


Amel Djemail

Director - Equal Opportunities and Youth


Maureen Hick

Director - Finance


Daphne Tepper

Projects Director - UNI MEI


Dimitris Theodorakis

Director - Post & Logistics / Hair & Beauty / Platform & Agency Workers / Services’ Social Dialogue Coordination


David Espinosa Gutiérrez

Project Coordinator – Hair & Beauty and Platform & Agency Workers

Ben Egan

Director - Organising


Nathalie Dewandel

Director Accounting & Finance

Véronique Ernould

Director - Human Resources and Office Management

Vicente Garcia Arenas


Covers the following sectors: Cleaning & Security ICT & Related Services Care

Catherine Grauwels


Covers the following sectors & groups: Commerce Equal Opportunities Graphical & Packaging Tourism

Lucia Sampaio

Assistant / Internal Consultant on Health and Safety in the Workplace

Covers the following sectors: Finance Hair & Beauty Platform & Agency Workers Post & Logistics

Julie Jeangout

Assistant to the Regional Secretary

Sandra Nicolas

Cleaning & Office Assistant